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The aim of dataWar project is to find new strategies to map territories in conflict situations. During wars or humanitarian crises, data shall not be trusted. The quality of information could become very poor, partial or even false. The opposing

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300.000 Km/s team joins the ODI Associates Program


We are proud to announce that 300.000 Km/s team is now part of the Open Data Institute Associates Program. The Open Data Institute (ODI) equip, connect and inspire people around the world to innovate with data. Co-founded by Sir Tim

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The digital divide in the city of Barcelona


Barcelona advances toward equality in the use of the Internet across its different districts -> Access to the report The digital divide in the city of Barcelona. The way information and knowledge are accessed has changed dramatically over the last

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El pabellón de Angola en la Expo’15 gana el Class Pavilion Heritage Awards


“Expo, i padiglioni che hanno segnato una svolta: vince su tutto la lezione dell’Angola” “Sono quelli che lasciando la migliore eredità, in termini di impatto, interesse, cambiamento delle abitudini di consumo e rispetto per il pianeta. Sono stati selezionati da

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Angola Pavilion at Expo’15


The Concept At its exhibition space, Angola seeks to showcase Angolan food and fare that can be used to create better and healthier lifestyles for future generations. Angola has chosen to elaborate the theme of Expo Milano 2015, Feeding the Planet,

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Poblenou Heritage


In Poblenou Industrial, the current industrial Heritage is shown in regression from the beginning, explaining what has become today, in every historical period of the so called “Catalan Manchester” by the large number of textile factories. Georeferenced Historical maps and

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Laia Molist, Cartography


Laia is an architect (School of Architecture of Barcelona), specialising in Geographic Information Systems and CAD/CAM development. She collaborates with 300.000 Km/s in cartography projects.

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Oriol Hostench Ruiz, Digital Humanities


Oriol is an architect (School of Architecture of Barcelona) and MSc in Theory and History of Architecture (UPC). He is currently professor and coordinator of the Master Restoration of Monuments (UPC). He collaborates with 300.000 Km/s as an expert in

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Laia Puig, Lighting design


Laia graduated in Cinematography (Superior School of Cinema and Audiovisuals of Catalonia-ESCAC) and Industrial Design Engineering (ELISAVA). She also holds a degree in Lighting Design (UPC). She collaborates with 300.000 Km/s in developing lighting design projects.

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Mirades Urbanes


Mirades urbanes es un mapa interactivo de calles, plazas y edificios  de Barcelona. Mirades urbanes es un proyecto que se construye a partir de una selección de los trabajos realizados por los alumnos de la asignatura Urbanística I de la Escuela Técnica

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