We are a professional firm of architects, urban planners and engineers that provides design, data analysis and consulting services for cities.

We innovate. We experience on the use of technology applied to architecture, city and territory. We look for new ways of transforming the environment. We deal with the ephemeral and intangible qualities of space. Our fields of work cover urban planning, restoration, museology, museography and product development. Our knowledge comes from architecture, urbanism, analysis of geographic data, history, lighting design, project management and software development.

We work with data. Data is crucial in our activity as urban designers. Even today, urban planning relies upon traditional cartographic information (topography, plot division, usage) and neighbourhood-level statistics. These long-established practices are inadequate in comprehending both the rapid morphological changes happening in cities and citizens behaviour when using urban environment. The newly and accessible information will radically change the way we design cities alongside the tools required to do it.

We influence. We provide data analytics services and data products to public administration, private companies and organisations to help them make better data -driven decisions.

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